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Function Generator, 50MHz. HP 8116A  - $225 Listing ID: 17120

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Hi all,
the cleanout continues. Up for grabs is my HP8116A 50MHz function generator. It is in excellent working order and produces  Sine, Square, Triangle, sawtooth waveforms with sweep functions and VCO functions.

1) Freq Range: 1 mHz to 50 MHz (3-digit resolution).
2) Duty cycle Range: 10% to 90% (20% to 80% above 1 MHz), 2-digit resolution.
3) Pulse Width Range: 10.0 ns to 999 ms (3-digit resolution).
4) Amplitude Range: 10.0 mVpp to 16.0 Vpp (3-digit resolution).
5) Offset and DC Mode Range: 0.00 to ±7.95 V. Resolution: 3 digits.
6) Pulse Width Modulation Range: 10 ns to 1 s in 8 non-overlapping decade ranges.
    Max. width ratio: 10:1. Sensitivity: ±9 V for 1:10 ratio.
7) Voltage-Controlled Oscillator Range: 2 decades in range 1 MHz-50 MHz. Sensitivity: 0.1 V to 
    10V for 2 decades. Modulating frequency: dc to 1 kHz
8) Pulse and Square Wave Transitions: <7 ns.
9) Output impedance: 50 ohm

Cosmetically it's OK. As you can see the contact coating on the front cover is peeling due to a previous owner attempt to remove sticker residue. It's been like that since I bought it in from the USA. It's not degraded since I bought it and I did at one point consider removing the coating and reapplying a contact sheet but decided against it (too much disassembly) given it's working perfectly.

$225 + post at cost. Pickup from 3093 OK



Manufacturer HP
Model 8116A
Condition of Item Good
Postage / Freight Options Buyer Pays
Amateur Callsign (if applicable) VK3XYZ


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