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Coax Separation Sealer - dipole connection  - $8.95 Listing ID: 23062

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Coax Separation Sealer (CSS-1) - VK2TY DESIGNS
$8.95 plus postage (3.50 minimum post)

1 Feb 2020, REVISED DESIGN- Longer upper tails to accomodate a smaller tether soldered to coax.
The solder joint can be contained inside connector tail.
Silicone or epoxy afterwards.
RG58 designs available...
Its always easy to split the coaxial leads to feed that dipole or driven element , BUT
its always a drama to seal it up successfully to prevent water penetration.
Heat shrink warps around the hole needed  , electrical tape becomes loose with aussie summers , and rubber amalgamations still finds it hard to keep water out because of that "Y" created.

But wait.....
VK2TY Designs has developed a prototype solution , ready for hobbyist test.
We have successfully had one of these in the elements for 3 months of sun , wind and rain.
The 3 way junction remained as clean as the day we stripped it.

Design based on RG213 MIL-C-17G spec.
RG58 Design available.

10 step solution - EASY!

Step 1. Make a hole between braid strands 20mm above the main sheath removal.
Step 2. Bend and Push the centre conductor with casing through braid hole created.
Step3. Smear Silicone at the 3 point junction. braid , centre and jacket.
Step 4. Flatten out the braid along the centre casing.
Step5 Slightly bend the ends away from each other to assist insertion into fitting.(1 at a time)
Step6. Insert the centre and braid through the CSS-1 base (Aligning braid with smaller hole)

Step7.Twist connector slightly and pull on ends. STOPPING just before main jacket is fully seated in base.
(wiggle connector back and forth, while keeping tension on ends. Bit at a time. Be patient.
It is a snug fit!)

Step8. Fill base and upper holes with as much silicone as practically possible. Wiping in with finger.
If there is some squeeze out dont worry , a rag will sort that later.
Step 9. Push connector on snug and centre cores within holes. Adding more silicone to stabilize in position.
Step10. Let the connection dry (1day preferable)

Your css-1 is ready to terminate Lugs to its final connection position.

Happy to combine quantities for club orders and club discount.
Singles are Aussie Post rated. Small envelope $5.95 postage
Satchels more economical for quantities around vk (500g $9.95)

NOTE - for added sealing add glue lined heatshrink to base and upper cores.
Heat these to the connector lip. Minimal heat required.


Manufacturer vk2ty Designs
Model CSS-1 Coax Separation Sealer
Condition of Item As New
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