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Multi pole wafer switches
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Hi all, up for grabs from the cleanout are a number of wafer switches. Mostly the 3 types shown are in the box, there are a few other types too, as well as wafer switch components, ie wafers, shafts etc. (for the LHS one in the pic) In the pic:...


15dB 600 ohm audio  attenuator
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Hi all, up for grabs are 600ohm balanced audio switched attenuators. 1dB steps from 0 to 15dB. Nice case, nice switches. $5 ea + post. pickup from 3093 is OK too. Cheers Greg


Crystal Filter and LC filter
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Hi all , still clearing stuff out. Here I have some crystal filters. They are NDK YF2000DA but I don't have any specs. I emailed NDK but they didn't reply. I suspect they are 21.4MHz but....? Without specs I don't know the frequency, bw or the...


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SET OF 6 ANDERSON POWERPOLE DUST CAPS Made to suit 15/30/45 Amp Powerpole Connectors Keep Dust and Dirt out of your Powerpole Connectors Ideal for Protecting Batteries from Dust and Short Circuit While in Storage with Powerpoles Attached BRAND...


Dual 100nF 3kV capacitor
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Hi all, a dual 100nF 3kV capacitor. new Old Stock. Glass is intact. $20 inc post anywhere in aus. Pickup from 3093 is OK. Cheers Greg


Multi section capacitors
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Hi all a qty of 7 multisection capacitors, New Old Stock (NOS), The cap sections are: 1 x 100uf, 2 x 150uF all at 315V <p>40mm diameter and case length is 80mm, terminal length is ~ 8mm $50 (for all 7)  inc post anywhere in aus....


Trimmer 5-35pf
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Hi all, more trimmers. This is a piston type trimmer made by philips but I can't find a datasheet. They read from 5 - 35pf end to end, with a 25pf marking, so I expect it's rated by Philips as 10-25pf? I also assume they are either rated at...


M-6672 Multi tap Transformer
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Hi all, up for grabs is a Dick Smith (arlec?) M-6672 transformer in box. Taps at 12, 15, 17.5, 20, 24, 27.5 and 30V. rated at 1A. $5 + post. Will post at cost. pickup from 3093 is OK. Cheers Greg


Air Dielectric Trimmer caps
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Hi all, the cleanout continues.  This time it's air dielectric trimmer caps. Two type available PMC 5201, 0.8 - 10pf. PMC 5701, 0.3 - 3.5pf. Various manufacturers make these caps including johanson, believe they are 250V rated.  ...


Multi section capacitor
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Hi all, more from the depths of the cleanup (cleanout !). New Old Stock (NOS) multi section capacitors. These are 7 section capacitors with 6 relative to the can and 1 capacitor between contacts. They are 1 x 4uF 400V to can 3 x 2uF 400V to...

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Pile of Bits of 19&quot; Rack Stuff
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Pile of bits of 19" rack stuff. Local pickup from the storage location only, I'm not willing to move the stuff at all.

time left: 6 d, 6 hr