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<p>RF SOLUTIONS will attend the WIA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Technical Forum on the weekend of 18 to 20 May at SeaWorld on the Gold Coast. On Sunday 20th May, RF SOLUTIONS will have a display of a wide range of amateur radio...


50 ohm LL400 COAX 100m Roll
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50Ω LL400 COAX 10mm 100m Roll <p style="margin: 0px 0px 1em; line-height: 1.4; color: #000000; font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 15px; font-style: normal; font-variant-ligatures: normal;...


50 ohm LL400 LOW-LOSS Coax, 30M, with UHF N Plugs
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50 ohm LL400 (LMR400) LOW-LOSS Coax 30 metre length <strong>3.9db per 100m @ 100mhz<br style="cursor: text; outline-color: transparent; outline-style: none; outline-width: 0px;" />Lower loss than RG213 </strong>  High Quality UHF...


RG58CU 50 ohm Coax, 100m Roll
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RG58CU 50 ohm Coax, 100m Roll <strong> FREE Freight</strong><span style="display: inline !important; float: none; background-color: transparent; color: #000000; cursor: text; font-family: Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size:...


Lower Mast Clamp &amp; Adaptor for CREATE Rotator&#039;s
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NEW, CREATE MC-2 Lower Mast Clamp Assembly for all CREATE RC5 series rotators. Consist of MC-62 Mast clamps & aluminium adaptor plate + mounting/clamping hardware. Can also be used as a replacement mast clamp assembly (upper or lower) for...


GC-048 6 bolt, MAST CLAMP for Kenpro/Yaesu
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<strong>NEW, 6 Bolt Clamping Mast Clamp Suit Large Rotators from KENPRO & YAESU.</strong> KENPRO:- KR-2000, KR-2300, KR-2700/HR-2700. YAESU:- G-2300, G-2700 & G-2800. Will also fit other Kenpro & Yaesu models.


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<strong>Rotators & Controllers etc Wanted, Dead or Alive, Broken, unwanted for spare parts. Don't throw it in the bin, throw it my way, will pay for it & postage if needed.  AIGA, ALINCO, CDE, COMPUTATOR, CREATE, DAIWA, EMOTATOR,...

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I service, repair, refurbish & upgrade most ROTATOR's. I also have NEW, REFURBISHED & USED Spare Parts available. For:- CREATE, DAIWA, EMOTATOR, KENPRO, CDE/HyGain & more. Authorised Dealer & Offical Service Centre for CREATE...


SIDE MOUNT BRACKETS for Rotator &amp; Mast Bearing
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<strong>DUORO SMB65ssB & SMB65ssR SIDE MOUNT BRACKETS (platforms). PRICE IS FOR ONE BRACKET ONLY. </strong>Each bracket is made for 3mm stainless steel, Laser Cut, Computer Folded then Welded, supplied with S/S backing plate & 6...


CREATE CK-46 (NEW) Mast Bearing
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NEW Mast Bearing for above rotator in tower mounting, suits 36 to 66mm mast tube. No steel ball bearing to rust up & no bolt ends touching or damaging the mast, it has 4 x flange/jaws the grip the mast, which means you can use aluminium mast.


EMOTATOR 1105 MSX Rotator Set. Inc 30m Cable
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Emotator 1105 MSX Rotator set. Basic Refurbishment & Upgrade. <strong>Wind Area..... 2.5m Sq.</strong> <strong>Rotation Torque ..... 8.0 kg/m</strong> <strong>Brake Torque ..... 100 kg/m</strong> <strong>Mast Size...

FLEX 6700 HF/6m/2m Transceiver
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<p><strong>AVAILABLE AT www.futuresystems.com.au </strong> The FLEX-6700™ is for amateur radio operator looking for the ultimate on-air experience.  With dual spectral capture units (SCUs), the FLEX-6700 allows...

FLEX 6600 HF/6m Transceiver
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<p><strong>AVAILABLE NOW FOR ORDER AT futuresystems.com.au</strong> We are now taking orders for the 6600 and 6600M. 10% deposit required on order.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Both the FLEX-6600™ and FLEX-6600M™...

FLEX Accessories
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<strong>AVAILABLE NOW AT www.futuresystems.com.au</strong> We stock the following accessories for FLEXRadio transceivers Flex Certified SIIG FireWire 400 2-Port PCIe Card;  FlexRadio FHM-2 Hand Mic - RJ45, suitable for Maestro and...

Hustler Steerable HF Dipole
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<strong> NOW AVAILABLE AT www.futuresystems.com.au Hustler HF Steerable Dipole</strong> Constructed from the same parts used for the Hustler Mobile range of HF Antennas The antenna is constructed from 2 sets of mobile antennas,...

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<strong>NOW AVAILABLE AT futuresystems.com.au</strong> Hustler Antennas and Accessories are now in stock in Perth and available for immediate shipment All resonators below suitable for 400W SSB (100W continuous) RM10 10m resonator...

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<strong>AVAILABLE NOW AT www.futuresystems.com.au</strong> We now stock the BTV range of HF Base Station antennas in Perth Specs: Better than 2:1 VSWR at band edges on 10-40m (100KHz BW on 75/80m) Rated for 1KW CW Solid 1"...

FLEX Maestro Control Console
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<p class="wp-caption-text"><strong>AVAILABLE NOW AT www.futuresystems.com.au Flex Maestro Control Console</strong></p> <p>Whether you are the most serious contest operator, DX chaser, rag chewer, or you just love to “play...


EMOTATOR 1200-DS Rotator Set.
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<strong><span style="color: #ff0000;">PRICE REDUCED... SAVE $200.00</span> Rotator & Dual Speed Controller. Fully Refurbished & Upgraded. </strong>Includes<strong> </strong>plugs for control cable & revised manual...

FLEX 6400 HF/6m Transceiver
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<p><strong>AVAILABLE NOW AT futuresystems.com.au</strong> We are now taking orders for the 6400 and 6400M, for delivery starting in early 2018. 10% deposit payable with order.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Both the...

FLEX USB Tuning Device
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<p><strong>Available NOW at www.futuresystems.com.au</strong> Available for immediate dispatch! Like most contest operators, I haven’t been a big fan of SDR in a contest environment. This very cost effective accessory solves all...


YAESU G-5500 Dual Axis Controller Only.
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<strong>$$$$ REDUCED $$$$</strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong> Dual Axis Controller For Currant Model Azimuth-Elevation Rotators. </strong></span>This model provides 450 degrees azimuth & 180 degrees...


KENPRO KR-600RE Powered by Rotor-Ez
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<strong>Standard Controller with Rotor-Ez (Pre-Set) kit Fitted & rotator with top mast clamps. </strong>Supplied with revised manual & plugs for the control cable. Control cable is 6 core but 5 core cna be used if you don't want the...


CREATE RC5-1+ Controller Only. Refurbished &amp; more
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<strong>Standard controller for a Create RC5 rotator with a 5k ohm potentiometer. </strong>Re-built, Restored, Refurbished & Up-graded etc. <strong> The Controller:-</strong> Has dial speed control only & also has dual control...


EMOTATOR 502TSX-24v Rotator Set. REDUCED
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<strong><span style="color: #ff0000;">REDUCED SAVE $100.00.</span></strong> Full Refurbishment & Upgrade. Includes top triple clamping mast clamp, plugs for control cable & IEC power lead. <strong> Wind Area ..... 1.5m...

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<span style="font-size: 18pt; color: #00ff00; background-color: #000000;"><strong>***DUORO SERVICES IS DOWN SIZING***</strong></span> <span style="font-size: 18pt; color: #ff0000;"><strong>*****EXPRESSIONS OF...

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<span style="font-size: 18pt;"><strong><span style="color: #00ff00; background-color: #000000;">***DUORO SERVICES IS DOWN SIZING***</span></strong></span> <span style="font-size: 18pt;"><strong><span style="color:...


CREATE RC5-1 Rotator Set. NEW.
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<strong>NEW Rotator & Controller Set</strong>:- In original box, includes:- Top Mast clamp, rotator plug & terminal for controller, GAL mounting & clamping hardware, manual. Uses 7 core control cable supplied sold separately, view...


DAIWA DC-7004/DR-7600 Rotator Set. REDUCED.
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<strong><span style="color: #ff0000;">REDUCED SAVE $100.00.</span> DC-7004 Pre-Set Controller & DR-7600 Rotator with top mast clamp.</strong> Fully Re-built, Refurbished & Upgraded. Includes newly written & illustrated...


COMPUTATOR CT-1000MC  Mast clamp NOS
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<strong>NEW OLD STOCK Mast Clamp in very good condition, for the very rare CompuTator CT-1000 rotator.</strong> Includes 4 x M10x75mm stainless steel clamping bolts etc. The CompuTator rotator is very rare, not much info is out there on them...

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