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Sale or Swap
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ok time to clear our some of my Headset & microphone gear, adapters for headsets, and for 3 Pin XLR/ YAESU, ICOM, HANDI MIC HC-5 (yes genuine hc-5, $150.usd) ICOM HM-36 Hand Mic, MADE IN JAPAN, not China, you may not be aware, Made in PRC...


Parallel port controller kit - suit contester
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Jaycar KV-3590 parallel port controller kit, with instructions. Originally cost $59.95 in January 2007. The parallel port controller enables you to switch up to eight separate devices on or off via your computer printer port. Uses eight SPDT...


Battery Isolators
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I have for sale one 2 Battery $40.00  and one 3 Battery $60.00 Isolators  One charging system to charge two or three batteries once one battery is fully charged then the other battery continues to charge and then on to the third until all...


AM-COM, ClearSpeech Noise Filter For Sale
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For sale: Am-Com ClearSpeech Base Unit. excellent condition. Good for all speaker, Comes with fuse power cord. For more info, please go here: http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/1041 , If you Interested, Please let me know, Thanks.


Kenwood MC-60 Desk Mic
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Brand New, with full accessories, If you Interested, Please let me know, Thanks.

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common mode coax noise filter
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the purpose for the common mode coax noise filter cmnf-2 common mode current induced by radiated sources < plasma tv , routers , computers, transmitters, etc > can be picked up by the coax braid from the antenna feed point back to the...

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palomar eng 2.1 cube balun
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<p>this model cb-2-2000 is a 2:1 quad core balun used to translate a 50omh input to 100omh at rf power levels up to 2000 watts pep when used with a matched load this assembled balun features a quad core for added power capability . frequency...

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