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Unbranded, home-made power supply
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<span style="font-size: 10pt;">Home made power supply in working order. 13.8 volt, 20 amp linear Because of the weight of the item, postage is not practical. Buyer will need to arrange collection from the Illawarra Region of New South Wales,...


Icom CP-11 Cigar lighter charger
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Icom CP-11 cigar lighter charger. Input from Cigar lighter 12-16V output 12V 2A. Can't recall which Icom radios used this charger but guess some earlier rather than current radios.


Icom CP18A
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Icom CP18A cigar lighter charger suits Icom IC-RX7; IC-R5; IC-R6; IC-R20; IC-4088E & possibly others.  Cigar lighter input 12-16V DC output 6V 1.5A.


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Gidday All, my overdue Garage Clean-up continues. I'm still finding surplus stuff that needs a new Home. Some stuff has value, other stuff not so !! If there are no $Offers, I will either render Items down and it goes to the Metal Recyclers or...


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I have the following on offer..... XTL2500 VHF P25 - $250.00  **** SOLD XTL5000 70cm P25 - $300.00 Astro Spectra 70cm P25 - $150.00 CS800 UHF DMR - $250.00 ID880 2m/70cm FM/DSTAR - $300.00 ****** sold 10W UHF Amp designed for...


Teac Speaker 8 ohm 15 watts virtually unmarked
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Speaker is 15 watt 8 ohm, has superb audio, I use it on my kenwood tm-281 vhf fm transceiver and my icom IC-718 Hf transceiver, with great results ( see photos ). I run two leads, this means I do not have to unplug each time, very effective! And I...


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Hi, for sale is a Hygain-cd45 rotator, this unit has been fully rebuilt, with many new parts,has brake, comes with 20mtrs of cable  , the unit is quite heavy hence the post cost, thanks for looking.

Various 0

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PLEASE  NOTE ; All of the gear in this add is now individually listed on another site,with a photo for each unit. For more info and a link,please send me your email address. I  AM  NOT  GIVING  THIS  GEAR ...


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<p>This is a complete fixed site radio direction finding system that estimates the bearing angle of radio signals from 125 TO 500 M Hz.  It is supplied with SignalTrack software that provides real-time remote control of the system and...


Doppler Systems Radio Direction Finder
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<p>The RF frequency range is 52 to 1000 M Hz.</p> <p>This 5900 series radio direction finder is a modular system intended primarily for mobile operation.  The bearings appear on a small display unit that can be attached to a vehicles...


Coax Separation Sealer - dipole connection
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<span style="font-size: 14pt;"><strong>Coax Separation Sealer (CSS-1) - VK2TY DESIGNS </strong></span><span style="color: #ff0000;">$8.95 plus postage (3.50 minimum post) <strong>NEW AND IMPROVED </strong> </span>21...


14 m Tower - 2 sections - wind up - galvanised
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This tower was originally installed at Cowra Airport with 3 sections. Manufacturer is understood to be Hills. Two sections were relocated to a suburban backyard using four guys at two heights - only 3 guys really needed - see early photos, It is now...


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from <span style="color: #3366ff;"><strong>VK2TY Designs</strong></span> NOVELTY 3D printed Band Plan ADVANCED 2.5mm total thickness - per picture  (letters 0.6mm raised) Measures 200mm x 135mm Great Easy to See Ready...

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Vintage Geloso G.4/164 432MHz receive converter.
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Geloso Nuvistor converter - collectors item? 432-436MHz converts to 26-30MHz. Circuit diagram and other info can be found on www. Requires power supply, If buyer wants to get the converter going, I will supply some NOS Nuvistors at no extra cost.

time left: 4 d, 1 hr


Icom BM71E desktop rapid charger
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Old Icom desktop charger (as new - never used) Refer picture for list of Icom batteries compatible with this charger.

time left: 2 d, 1 hr